Domestic Caregiving

Domestic Caregiving


At A1A Care™, our team consists of home care specialists who are professionals and fully-licensed, bonded, and insured. We understand the importance of creating a comfortable environment when our team members are in your home. This page is dedicated to seniors looking to live in one of our associated facilities. Alternatively, if you are seeking homecare in your own residence, let our experienced homecare specialists create a customized and flexible care plan that addresses your needs now and in the future.

Save on Live-in Caregiver Costs with A1A Care™

By choosing A1A Care™, you can save $700-900 per month on traditional Live-in Caregiver costs, all without sacrificing the quality of care. Allow our team to provide you with exceptional services that cater to your unique needs. Click here to learn more about our Live-in Caregiver specialty and how we can provide the right care for your family.

What is Domestic Caregiving? Say Goodbye to Long Waiting Lists and Hello to Personalized Care with A1A Care™

Are you tired of waiting in line for your loved one to receive care? More and more seniors in Ontario find themselves on long waiting lists for long-term care facilities, leaving them without the essential support they need. At A1A Care™, we understand the importance of personalized care, especially for seniors who require constant supervision or assistance with everyday tasks.

Introducing Domestic Caregiving – The Solution to Long Waiting Lists

Our domestic caregiving services offer a unique solution to overcrowding in hospitals and long-term care facilities. With domestic caregiving, seniors or disabled adults live with one of our qualified and compassionate caregivers, allowing for personalized and flexible care that is tailored to their specific needs. Our care services go beyond basic caregiving; we offer a sense of independence, connection, and belonging, which are crucial for maintaining a high quality of life.

The Benefits of Domestic Caregiving

Our Domestic Caregiving services provide numerous benefits for both the caregiver and the client. For the client, it includes:

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